Palm Springs Engagement Session • Brigitte + Daniel

November 30, 2018


Hello Friends!

Wedding season is finally coming to an end for me!  One more wedding to go and I am so excited!
Brigitte and Daniel booked me as their photographer over a year ago!  We shot their engagement session last year!  It’s crazy how fast a year can fly by and even more crazy how bad I am at blogging.  This seems to be my New Year’s resolution every year, friends.  To be better at blogging.  This beautiful engagement session’s blog post is waaaay over due.  Better late than never, right?!  These two are seriously so sweet together and I’m so honored that they chose me to document their wedding day!

The Love Story //

“We met at the pool in Palm Desert, where we were both lifeguards over the summer. Dan put an anonymous note into my bag, but was too shy to ask me out. At the very end of the summer we went to see a movie together, and kept talking when I went back to Boston and Dan to Riverside for school. We were both back home in the desert for Thanksgiving break, and Dan came over with sunflowers to pick me up the night I got back. That is when we had our first kiss and started dating!”

“Even though he doesn’t show his romantic side very often, he has a way of making me feel so cared for. I just know that I can completely trust him and be my weirdest self with him, and I’m the only girl he has eyes for.”

“I don’t simply have one favorite thing about Brigitte, rather I have a number of reasons why she is my favorite. She is strong. She is smart. She is caring. She is dedicated. She is resilient. She is loving. She is understanding. She is daring. She has all of the traits that are necessary to live with me and be a member of the Rolph family. She has been committed to me despite the difficulties in our relationship since its beginning. She loves me unconditionally, and she makes me smile on the best of days and the worst of days. These are my favorite thing about Brigitte, and the reason why she is my favorite person in this life.”

“After my first year of college I was struggling a bit to fit into a new environment on the east coast, and the new freedoms and responsibilities that came with being on my own at a university thousands of miles from home. Dan has been like a rock that anchors me to my home, who I was before college, and who I am now. He has also helped me to remember that life is happening now, it doesn’t start when my student loans are paid off or when I have a certain job…and it’s okay for us to take a trip, or go out to eat, or adopt a dog, or any of those things I would hesitate to do on my own because I’d be worried about the money. But all those little indulgences are what make up our experiences together, and we never know how much time we’ll have for that so it’s important to do it now.”

“Since dating, Brigitte has positively influenced me a couple of ways. The biggest influence she has had on me has been allowing me to focus on the present. I am a person who likes to plan for everything rather it be a day in advance or ten years in advance. With Brigitte I have been open to trying new experiences now rather than waiting for “right time.” This includes adopting a dog, taking trips to new places, and trying new restaurants in our area. She has also allowed me to focus on providing for more than myself. While I still want fulfill my dreams and desires, I also want to do everything in my power to help her fulfill her dreams and allow her to be happy, healthy, and comfortable.”

The Proposal //

“Brigitte was coming from California to visit me in Virginia, where I was stationed with the Coast Guard. Two weeks before, I had spontaneously picked out a ring. So when I came to pick Brig up from the airport, I took her to Old Town Alexandria where we walked to the boardwalk. It was a really pretty night, with the moonlight on the water and lights across the river. I went down on one knee right there, and asked her to marry me! It was a total, complete surprise to Brigitte.”

These two are getting married TOMORROW (remember when I said “better late than never”?? haha) and I am SO excited to see them say their “I do’s” in front of their family and friends 🙂

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