Orange County Engagement Session • Pam + Keith

October 18, 2018

Irvine Engagement session


Hello Friends!

Wedding season is drawing to a close.  I have a few more weddings this year that I am so excited to document.  One of which is Pam and Keith’s!  This couple is the definition of CUTE and absolute #couplegoals haha!  I met up with these two at Morning Lavender Cafe and snapped some photos of them before we headed out to the next location.  In love with their love.  Take a look at their sweet engagement session 🙂


The Love Story //
“We met in our early years of high school in our band program. She played flute and I (Keith) played the drums. Pam transferred to a different high school and we fell out of touch. Fast forward six-ish years to when I graduated college and we got in touch again! How? She wished me happy birthday on Facebook, so obviously I knew she was interested and reeled her in.”

“Keith never fails to make me laugh. You know that one loud guy you hear at a restaurant or bar who’s cracking all the jokes, asking interesting questions and telling fascinating stories? That’s Keith. And you know that one lucky gal sitting across from the funny guy, rolling her eyes? That’s me. Fun fact: When Keith was in elementary school, he had a project where each classmate described the other classmates in one word. Keith was described as “funny” across the board. I always wondered how one could be funny at that age. Maybe Keith had some pretty witty knock-knock jokes up his sleeve.”

“I’m definitely myself around her. She lets my guard down and likes me the way I am. Pamela always puts others above her and makes sure the parties goin’ at all times. We can spend days just relaxing on a couch, whether chatting away, or in complete silence, but we just enjoy each others’ company. It’s true comfort, and what I see as true love.”

“He has given me brighter, more positive outlook on life. He’s taught me to be more free-spirited; to let loose; to be relaxed and accept a situation, rather than trying to alter or control it; take a “chill pill” – if you will (Is that what the cool people say nowadays?). Also, Keith rekindled my love for American food – cheeseburger, pizza, steak – you name it! I am a born-again American-food-lover.”

“Before I even came in the picture, Pam was one to follow her heart; sometimes, even against the opinions of those around. I wouldn’t say I’m quite there yet, but she definitely inspires me every day to be that way – to want something, work on it, and pursue it, trusting that I’ll find my way. She also taught me a patience that I didn’t know before. Also, I hated salads and didn’t care much for Korean food before her but I’m a big fan of both now.”
The Proposal //
“We were in Barcelona, visiting Park Guell. We exited the subway and found ourselves on top of a beautiful hill; breezy and warmed by the Spanish sun. In the distance you can see the beautifully and brightly colored destination. We decide on a steeper shortcut down a windy dirt road outlined by trees, I thought this was as good a place as any to propose. As I prepared my emotions, my words, and her ring, Pam disappears. Before I can even begin looking for her I hear accelerating steps and her screaming “Keeeeeeiiiiittthhh!”. I see her running down the hill at an unacceptable velocity unable to stop. She reaches her arms out to grab onto anything to slow herself down but nature proves unhelpful. Finally her foot meets the side of the raised side walk and THUD, she falls and slides across the concrete like it’ll mean she’d win the World Series. So as I stood atop the hill in awe, with one hand preparing to present the ring from my man-purse, and as she laid 20 feet below, face-to-sidewalk, the first thought that came to my mind was that this is so typical us. And it’s weirdly perfect. 15 minutes later, I gave her headphones to a song we liked, had her read a poem I wrote, kneeled and took her bleeding hand, and asked the question. Her exact answer was “Yes! … so now what do I do?”

Pam & Keith, THANK YOU for choosing me to document your wedding this weekend!  I am beyond stoked to be a part of your big day!

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