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June 28, 2017

Two Sisters Farms Engagement Photos • Alex + Jason

Hey Friends!

I had so much fun hanging out with Alex and Jason during their Temecula engagement session at the charming Two Sisters Farms.  Their love and laughter was so contagious and it’s clear to see in these photos!

Their love story is so sweet!

“My very last day working at Albertsons, my first job ever, was when Jason and I really had an opportunity to meet and talk. Jason had come into Albertsons to pick up some groceries.  It was early evening when he came in, he had already purchased his groceries, and came over to talk to Kris, the checker I was bagging for. Kris introduced us, and Jason and I got to talking, and we hit it off. When I had to go out to the parking lot to round up carts, he came with me and helped me the entire hour. Jason ended up staying at Albertsons for several hours, until the end of my shift at 10PM, and we talked the entire time. He was a true gentleman, and even offered to drive me home after work, but my mom already knew to pick me up, so I politely declined his offer. At the time, I had a boyfriend, so when we parted ways, we did not exchange phone numbers. A few weeks later, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and I was no longer with my boyfriend, so I asked the checker at Albertsons for the name of the kid I had talked to all night. You would think I would remember his name, since he was such a gentleman, and we got along so well, but I am incredibly awful at remembering names. Kris provided me with his first and last name, and with that, I took to Myspace to find Jason. Once I found him, I sent him a message telling him how much I enjoyed talking to him, and gave him my number to call me. Being the shy kid that he was, he instead responded with his number, and told me I could call him whenever. As soon as I got that message, I called him.






Jason, major props on your proposal!

“The lobby where we checked in overlooked the canyon and the backdrop was so perfect that it almost seemed like it wasn’t real. I was antsy, and I just wanted to go and explore before taking our luggage to the cabin, but Jason somehow convinced me that we should go see our cabin and drop our luggage before starting our explorations. I rushed him as much as I could, because I couldn’t bear to be away from the scenery. Within minutes of dropping off our luggage, we were back out the door and heading to one of the lodge’s trails. We walked the trail, being careful to pass people one at a time as we often hugged the edge of a cliff. When we got to the end of the short trail, Jason told me he wanted to set-up the camera and tri-pod so that he could get a full picture of us with the Grand Canyon in the background. I knew it was going to take him a few minutes, and since the overlook area was full of people, I decided to climb some nearby rocks to get a clear and higher vantage point. After a few minutes atop the rocks while taking videos and selfies, I climbed down to find Jason with the tri-pod all ready to go. He asked me to get in position so that he could make sure that I was in the frame. When he asked if I was ready for the picture, I told him that I was, and he immediately came around from behind the camera, dropped to one knee, and before he could say a thing, I burst into tears. After letting me gain my composure, he asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes. His proposal was a complete surprise to me. He was so composed that day, and didn’t even show the slightest bit of nervousness. His planning was impeccable, and he far surpassed what I had ever hoped of for a romantic proposal.”








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