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September 2, 2015

Real Talk • Just Do It.

Good morning, Friends 🙂

As I sit in my kitchen thinking about the busy day that awaits tomorrow, I can’t help but get excited, anxious and..well..scared.
I’ve tried my best to fully be myself on this blog and to keep it real, and so I figured I’d write out my thoughts hoping it will help someone and simply get some things off my chest.  Tomorrow, I’m shooting my first styled wedding shoot in 3 years.  For the first time in forever (yes I thought of Frozen too) I have finally let go of my fear and released these visions into the minds of other creatives.  I am so grateful for all of the amazing wedding vendors that have stepped forward and helped me sculpt my vision into an amazing, tangible piece of art.  It’s amazing what can happen when like minded individuals can get together and create.  And that’s where the scary part comes in.  All of these talented people have sacrificed their time and money on making this shoot a success.  “What if I fail?”  “What if I’m not good enough?”.  These are just a couple of the thoughts that flood into my mind.  Once again, even for just those split seconds, I had let fear taken over every positive fiber of my being.  I had forgotten that this whole idea came after I had finally overcome the fear that was holding me back and took that first step.  Friends, don’t let fear hold you back from creating something beautiful.  Just. Do. It…..and yes, I thought of Shia Labeouf too.



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