First Look Phobia? Fear Not! Why I LOVE First Looks.

March 25, 2015


Hello Friends!

So lately, couples have been asking me about “First Looks” and if they’re something I recommend them doing on their wedding day.  The answer is and will always be “YES!”.  I love having this  conversation with my clients and thought that it would make the perfect blog post.  So future brides and grooms, get ready to be educated!

While I love tradition and totally respect if a couple wants to save their first look for the aisle, when asked, I do like to bust the myth that seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck.  So why is it considered bad luck?  This superstition originated from when a bride was property of her father until he had sold her to the groom’s father.  It was considered bad luck back then to see the bride before getting married because, at this point, the groom had never seen his bride until their wedding day…scary, right?  Luckily for us present day couples, we usually end up marrying our best friend!

So, here are my 4 reasons why I love First Looks and why my couples have fallen in love with them as well.

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1.  The only intimate moment you’ll have together the whole day.

Let’s be real for a sec.  Your wedding day will most likely be the scariest, nerve wracking, busiest, but BEST day of your life.  Seeing each other alone before walking down the aisle in front of 100+ guests seems like a no brainer.  What an amazing way to calm those nerves.

2.  There’s something so genuine about the first look.

The emotions that I’ve been able to capture during a first look are really ones that I’ve never been able to capture during any other portion of the wedding day.  Nothing but happiness beams from my brides and grooms as they see each other for the first time without anyone else watching.  These photos are priceless.

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3.  More time to relax and enjoy the day!

Setting time aside before the ceremony, means that there will be more time to actually ENJOY your wedding.  The great thing about doing a first look is that you can take most of your wedding photos BEFORE the ceremony.  Your bridal party will thank you knowing that they can go straight to cocktail hour instead of waiting behind to take bridal party pictures.

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4.  First Look = More photos.

This goes without saying.  The more time you spend together, the more photos you’ll get together.
Brook and Tyler are a perfect example of why I feel first looks are a must have.  They had already wanted a first look and I’m so glad they did.  I absolutely loved their charming backyard wedding, but it rained on a off  during most of the day…except for during their first look.  Their wedding was in the middle of summer in sunny San Diego…nobody planned for rain.  That First Look really did save the day as were battling with the rain throughout the rest of the day.

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So there you have it!  I sincerely hope that you and your groom consider sharing a first look with one another.  There’s absolutely no way you’ll regret it!  If you are a bride or know a bride tat is struggling on whether or not a first look is right for them,
pass this along!

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