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January 27, 2015

Old Town Temecula Engagement Photos • Amy & James

Hello Friends!

Last week, I shot the engagement session of the lovely Amy and James!
They are such a sweet couple and were complete naturals in front of the camera! I absolutely love the way Amy tells their love story.

From the moment I first saw James he stood out to me.
I briefly met him a few years ago at a church function and hadn’t seen him again until he came back from a deployment in Djibouti, Africa. He started attending the church after this deployment and the day I saw him there I was mesmerized. Everything about him attracted me and I craved time with him. My best friend Rochelle and I would hang out with him and some friends after church and I would constantly try and talk to him and get his attention. I even got an anchor phone charm hoping he would notice it (which he did! score!)
Other than Sundays I never got to see him or talk to him…I was wracking my brain trying to think of ways to and then an answer dropped right into my lap; he signed up for the Philippines missions trip that I go on every year!
Right away on the flight over to the Philippines I starting trying to get his attention and flirting (which he was completely unaware of, HA!) and then halfway through the trip he finally got it! We started talking and really getting to know each other and found that we loved everything we learned. We were also excited to find that many of our ideals and goals were aligned! Being together was so natural for us; just a few months felt like years. It only took a few weeks after we were dating for us to know we loved each other and looked forward to a future together; and on Halloween 2013 he said. “I don’t know if this is too soon, but, I think I love you.” And I excitedly responded, “I was thinking the same thing!”
His next deployment was in South Korea and I was amazed to learn that, because I had been trying to visit my friends there for years. So we knew that was the time I would get to! Once a year passed we knew that we would get married and we would be together forever. He took me to one of our favorite spots; ALL 365 steps to the top of the Jinhae Tower. There he proposed and promised to always take care of me and to love and protect me. I was and am the happiest I could ever be. (Even with the sweat and tiredness on that humid evening in October). He is everything I have ever hoped for and surprises me more every day. He makes me so proud to be the future Mrs. Angeles.

These two are so in love and it’s so plain to see in their photos.
We headed over to Old Town Temecula and took some fun pictures walking down some of the alley ways.
Take a look!

2015-01-26_0001 2015-01-26_0033 2015-01-26_00322015-01-26_0002 2015-01-26_00032015-01-26_00052015-01-26_0006 2015-01-26_0031 2015-01-26_0018 2015-01-26_00042015-01-26_00192015-01-26_00352015-01-26_00342015-01-26_00202015-01-26_00212015-01-26_00222015-01-26_00362015-01-26_0008
From casual, to classy, this couple always looks great!

This light!  Love it!

Amy and James!  You two are so completely in love and I am so blessed to have been able
to capture that!


  1. Taylor Sheuerman says:

    Aww, these are so sweet! This couple has so much joy and love for each other and I love how well you captured it! Can’t help but smile when I look at these photos. 🙂

  2. Damaris Mia says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job capturing this couple! So cute! And that lighting.. gorgeous!

  3. Lovely photos! Beautiful light!

  4. I love these Justin!

  5. AUNTIE Purita says:

    This is the second time I saw these engagement photos of my son, James and my daughter in law, Amy…and I can’t help to be emotional …they are so beautiful together…over all…magnificent shots….the lighting, the colors of Amy’s outfit, James’…the way they look to each other…so IN LOVE !!! I can’t help to recall James first 3months after he was born….the time we spent as mother and son when he came (3 1/2yrs old)and his Dad to be with me in the US…how he had grown from a “shy,quiet type” to a “Navy Intelleigent Specialist”….matured and responsible man….I AM a VERY PROUD MOM!!
    (It’s so amazing that a friend of mine….already foresaw…predicted their relationship…it’s just so sad that she did not see it happened)

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