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January 22, 2015

Fallbrook Senior Portraits • Alex

Hello Friends!

I had the awesome opportunity earlier this week to shoot Alex’s senior portraits!
Alex is into video games, ceramics, singing, music and cats.  You know you’re a stinkin’ awesome person when you list “cats” and “video games” as some of your interests haha!  After high school, she is planning on going to college in San Francisco to pursue a degree in early childhood education.  So cool!

Check out Alex’s amazing photos!  She looks stunning and can smize like there’s no tomorrow!

Alex’s boyfriend, Jacob, joined in on some of the fun and took a few shots with Alex.  Totally beats being a walking clothes rack, huh Jacob? haha

Our location totally looked like something out of The Hobbit!  Soooo green and lush!

2015-01-22_00242015-01-22_00382015-01-22_00392015-01-22_00232015-01-22_00252015-01-22_00262015-01-22_00482015-01-22_00432015-01-22_00202015-01-22_00192015-01-22_00212015-01-22_00222015-01-22_00152015-01-22_00142015-01-22_0013Alex and Jacob seriously make the cutest couple.  Love these two!

Alex!  Thank you so much for choosing me to take your senior portraits!
Your future looks so bright and I am so happy for you!

Happy Thursday!

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