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December 10, 2014

Balboa Park Engagement Photos • Gina & Chad

Hello Friends!  Wow.  I have been blessed so much lately with a ton of work.  I am so thankful and SO excited to share more with you!
This past weekend Niki and I got to hang out with Gina and Chad.  They are such a fun couple and probably two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Um…and it’s completely plain to see that they need to quite their day jobs and become full time models.  I’m just sayin!  haha!  We spent a couple hours just walking around the BEAUTIFUL Balboa Park in San Diego.  I have been in love with this place ever since I was a little kid and was so excited when I heard they wanted to shoot there!  Their love story is so sweet and I think Gina tells it the best.

Chad and I met a couple years ago through my best friend who is now my maid of honor.  I always thought Chad was such a gentlemen and so handsome but for the longest time I thought he didn’t like me because he was always quiet.  A year ago we both went separately to a concert and happened to see each other there.  Chad told me he loved me a week later and that he knew he wanted to marry me a week after that.

There are so many things I love about Chad it’s hard to define just one. I can tell you that I fell in love when we were in church. Taking communion. Some how I had received the blood of Christ but not the body. So Chad split his cracker in half and gave me part of his communion. I knew then and there Chad was going to be my husband some day . We’ve been planning our wedding ever since!


2014-12-09_005 2014-12-09_004 2014-12-09_0012014-12-09_018 2014-12-09_031
This is Bruce, the adorable German Shepard!  I love that Gina and Chad decided to bring him along!  He’s part of the family after all!  And look at that smile!

2014-12-09_040 2014-12-09_035 2014-12-09_0362014-12-09_0382014-12-09_007 2014-12-09_006 2014-12-09_0372014-12-09_026 2014-12-09_020 2014-12-09_034 2014-12-09_032 2014-12-09_033 2014-12-09_0252014-12-09_017 2014-12-09_0162014-12-09_023 2014-12-09_022 2014-12-09_0242014-12-09_042 2014-12-09_014 2014-12-09_045 2014-12-09_015 2014-12-09_0112014-12-09_0432014-12-09_009 2014-12-09_0122014-12-09_027 2014-12-09_013 2014-12-09_008 2014-12-09_0102014-12-09_0442014-12-09_030 2014-12-09_0292014-12-10_0012014-12-09_041
Gina and Chad!  I am SO excited for you and so thrilled that you’ve chosen me to document your love story!  So excited for your wedding next month!

Happy Wednesday!

  1. ludivina Ivey says:

    I will be in your wedding. If God’s willing nothing would stop me from being there. Love you always,
    Tita, Babie

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