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February 12, 2014

Day Trips • San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park

2014-02-11_001Hello friends!

I’ve been away from my blog from a while! Not because I haven’t been doing anything..it’s the exact opposite, really! I’ve been super busy. But busy in a really good way!
I thought I’d share some personal photos since I don’t do that too often (though I really should!). A few months ago, Niki and I went to visit San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park…though, let’s be real here…it will ALWAYS be known as the Wild Animal Park..at least to all of my fellow San Diegans 😉

It was super fun bringing my camera and shooting some awesome animals. I usually leave my camera at home, but I was so glad that I decided to bring it along.
Take a look!



  1. the ninang says:

    awwwww!! thanks for taking and sharing these pics. my favorite animal was the human with the long black hair…;)

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