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July 18, 2013

Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Photos • Millicent & RJ


Hello Friends!

Wow..I am SO excited to share this next set of images with you!
Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to shoot Millicent & RJ’s engagement photos!  We shot at the spectacular Walt Disney Concert Hall as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts.


“We are total opposites, he’s loud and funny, and I’m quiet and shy.  That’s what attracted us to each other. We have an 8-year-old Pug named Bambi, she is our baby, but is a daddy’s girl. We love going to the movies, trying out new foods, zip lining, zombie themed runs, gondola rides, hydro bikes, paddle boarding, biking on the beach, kayaking, we love the TV show “The Walking Dead”, BBC’s “Doctor Who” and collecting comic books and vinyl toys.  We love to travel on our days off, we go to local Southern California tourists’ spots, like Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Olvera Street, Temecula, San Diego etc.”

RJ’s proposal was so sweet.  It was Christmas day and the whole family was gathered together.  Each Christmas everyone plays “Man, Gorilla, Gun” AKA the epic version of Rock, Paper, Scissors!  It was finally Millicent and RJ’s turn to duel.  Back to back, they awaited the countdown.  “Three..two…ONE!!!”  Millicent chose her “weapon” forming her hand into a gun and turned around only to find RJ on one knee holding out a ring.  (They always take fake proposal pictures at Disneyland, so she thought this was just another one of his jokes)  “Get up!  It’s not funny, people are taking pictures and you  know it’s gonna be on Facebook in like a second, and then we have to explain that it’s not real!”  But she soon realized how much sincerity was in his voice when he asked again.
“After everyone calmed down, he asked me… and I said yes of course.”

Umm can I just say that I LOVE this couple?! They are so fun to hangout with and it totally shows in these pictures!  ( There’s a lot 😀 )

Remember what she said about Dr. Who?  THEY BROUGHT PROPS!

Millicent and RJ, I am THRILLED to be shooting your wedding in October!  Can’t wait!


Photography | Justin Critz

Locations | Walt Disney Concert Hall + LACMA

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    love that you’re always working your genius!! love you! miss you! dear Godson, o’ mine! 😉

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