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June 24, 2015

“Go.” • An Open Letter To Every Creative.

“You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand”
-Hillsong United

It’s midnight.  I’m lying here completely awake.  The only sound I hear are the thoughts that fill my head.  Thoughts about my passions, thoughts about my business and thoughts about my future.  I know I not alone here.

As photographers and small business owners, we are forced to put ourselves out there.  Forced to put our passions and our talents out in the open just waiting to be seen and judged by everyone.  Am I the only one that finds this ridiculously frightening?!  I’m pretty sure I’m not!  As creatives, we hold onto this fear and let it hold us back from reaching our full potential as artists.  We hold onto the fear of constantly being told “no, no, no.” when we haven’t even told ourselves,”GO!”.  Fellow photographers, entrepreneurs and artists…Don’t ever forget why you started this journey in the first place.  Don’t let fear be your fuel.  Let passion be your power.  Remember the feeling that you get when your clients say how much they love you.  Remember the feeling of being so proud of capturing that priceless moment.  For goodness sake, remember the feeling of drooling over perfect light for the first time!  haha!  We NEED to remember all those positives in a society that constantly aims it’s fiery darts of negativity at us.  So, let’s stop being one with the waves.  Let’s be the ones that create them.  Let’s step out onto the water full force and live out our purpose as artists.  Let’s constantly perfect our skills so that we can successfully project our passions and let our personalities shine through.  If I’ve learned anything in this industry, it’s that you cannot lose yourself among the thousands of other people trying to do the same thing as you.  And I know this only because I’m so guilty of comparing my skills, talents and the way I run my business to peers that I look up to.  But I got one thing that they don’t…ME!  You’re the only one that can think the way you think, shoot the way you shoot, and create the way you create.  You are the only one holding yourself back.  You are the one too scared of “NO”.  YOU are the only one that can change that!  Guys, it’s time to let go.  It’s time to GROW.

And yes, I imagined myself saying this speech in front of a thousand people, wearing a perfectly fitted suit, all while an over sized american flag swayed to the glorious beat of freedom behind me.

But in all seriousness, I’m just keeping it real and saying what’s on my mind.  Guys, believe me I know it’s hard!  I’m being very open and honest when I say that I too have that fear.  I mean look at me!  I’m writing this without even knowing if a single soul will read this.  But if this has helped out even one person, I’m so totally cool with that. Once again, it’s past midnight, so sorry for any grammar/spelling errors.  

Night, friends. zzzzzz.   

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  1. AUNTIE Purita says:

    I guess I have a “little creativity” in me and you’re right, I am so delighted and satisfied if I created something “out of nothing” cheap things” …I don’t care what people may say…as long as I enjoyed doing it…..I remembered my sister telling me…” you are good in this…why don’t you pursue it as your business”…I said “nah”..I guess it’s the “fear of starting it”….
    I guess if you are happy and get satisfaction in what you do…JUST DO IT…”GO”
    How would you know if it’s for you if you will not “take a dive” into the “deepest waters”…as long as you know how to go along the waves…..but don’t forget to take GOD with you…

  2. Damaris Mia says:

    So good. And I absolutely love that song from Hillsong!

    I’m making the effort to “GO!” the rest of the year. After being gone for so long from photography, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! It’s definitely tough putting yourself out there but you’ve got to do it if you want to get anywhere!

  3. AMAZING post, Justin! Honestly, this was just what I needed to read this morning. It’s all too easy to get sucked into the comparison trap when we should be celebrating our differences, not similarities! And man, can I relate to being nervous (read: terrified) when it comes to putting my work out there and exposing myself to criticism. This completely resonated with me: “Don’t let fear be your fuel. Let passion be your power” since it’s easy to overlook why we are photographers in the first place- PASSION!

    I loved reading this! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much, Christine!
      So glad you were able to take something away from this post! Thanks for the encouraging words!

  4. Ashley Paige says:

    Love this! So refreshing!

  5. Taylor Sheuerman says:

    First of all: Oceans is one of my favorite songs by Hillsong. Second: This is such a wonderful and encouraging post. Thank you for helping me remember WHY I do what I do and how important it is to step outside of my comfort zone in order to grow. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. […] them and everyone would know that I failed.  But a few months ago, I wrote an entry that was an open letter to every creative.  In it, I wrote, “Don’t let fear be your fuel.  Let passion be your power.” and […]

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